Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Muslim Yo Momma Jokes

Went to Waseems chatbox (one of the funnier ones) and he put up an original Yo Momma joke. Its quite funny

Yo momma so fat, the genie from Aladdin had to grant her 4 wishes

Then I realised - we don't have any muslim 'yo mamma' jokes, so heres a few that I thought off

Yo momma so fat she couldn't perform haj because people were circling her!

yo momma is so fat, she makes ghusl in the Indian ocean

yo mommas fingers are so fat, she had to make a tasbeeh out of tennis balls

yo mommas so fat, when she raises her hands for takbeer she knocks out half the saf

Yo mommas so fat and ugly, when she was in Mina, they stoned her!

Yo mommas so fat, she has to pay five percent zakaat

Yo mommas so ugly, purdah became compulsory on her

yo mommas so old, she knew a Taba Taabi een

Yo momma so ugly, when she was born they had to play the azaan on the hifi because no one wanted to get close to her face

Yo momma so ugly, when your dad made nikkah, she paid him mehr

yo momma so fat, her miswaak is an oak tree

yo mommas so fat when she wears white people stop fasting and celebrate Eid

yo momma so fat she dont need anyone to complete her

yo mamma's so fat she qualifies as two witnesses.

yo momma so fat, her qabr had to be six feet wide

Some of my anons have also contributed and have come up with some gems

yo momma so fat, when she gets up from a fajr sajdah, its already esha time!

yo mommas so fat, when saudi saw her, they decreased the hajj quota to ONE!

yo mommas so disgusting, she farted and broke EVERYONES wudu!

yo mommas so fat, she went into the cave of hira and Got StUCK!

2 comments: said...

Yo momma's sostupid, she thought the 5pillars were mulitple choice

Anonymous said...

papa smurf,I think your jokes suck they are actually rubbish!