Monday, March 9, 2009

Mammoo Number 5

(Adapted from Lou Begas Mambo No 5)

Bhens and Bhaabis, this is Mammoo number five.

Ek, Do, Teen, Char, Paanch, everybody look at me, and start to naach

For a Paki chow around the corner.

The boys say they want chicken tikka but I really don't wanna.

Bombay Crush like I had last week.

Make no Jit 'cause Crerars is Shit.

I like Fazeela, Jameela, Shama and Sameeha.

Sunni or Tabligh, I’l even jam a Shiaa.

So what can I say? Its really hard to choose.

I like stekkies with the big Laddoos.

Pista Burfee lips, its never enough

Come on Now, someone bang this Duff


A little bit of Jameela, thats a Vaar,

A spicy bit of Nabeela like atchar.

A little bit of Zahra, chasing me,

A little bit of Asma’s all I see.

A little bit of Azra in Purdah,

A little bit of Nadia in my car.

A little bit of Fathima here I come,

A little bit of Mehr makes me mahram

Mammoo number five.


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