Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random Thoughts between Rakaats

I Read my Taraweeh at The Westville Mosque. After every fourth Rakaat, we get to sit for a little longer while two old men crank out almost melodiously...almost " Subhanallahi Wa'lHamdullilah. It is usually this time when my mind wanders. This is what went through my head tonight

Gawd, I'm Hungry - Mum's akhni was a blessing tonight - too many samoosas and half moons, this past week. Wait, I cant believe that I actually enjoyed the Akhni so much. But Akne and sarbat , not a good idea. But now that i've had it, I wish we have pasta tomoro. Gawd i'm hungry- hope the brats haven't eaten my finni yet. MMM - Dhai Bhara's ( they probably finished as well- Dam extended family- acting like they fasted the whole day) OK - takbeer, time to get up. Hmm - Let me look menacingly at the kid sitting down next to me. Doesnt he know that Surah Faatiha is almost finished!

I need to sit somewhere else. The uncle next to me burped during the second rakat and blew it my way! My mouth was open and everything! I think he got the point when I stared at him after Salaat. The other Musallees probaby thought i was bonding with my left shoulder angel , and thats why I took so Long to say Salaam to it. I could tell exactly what this uncle had for iftaar just by looking at him and smelling his belch. Hmm - The crumbs on his beard imply samoosas or pie - probably pies as i can see some poppy seeds. the pink stain near his top pocket is definately Pink milkshake ( hmm - deep pink- must be that Dada's spice one that smells like vanilla essence. He definately had fish curry for iftaar ( my kryptonite) I could smell it in his hands when he raised them for takbeer. Thank God this guy isn't a Shaafi or any other mazhab that has multiple takbeers gestures. Sweet - Its the end of the eight rakaat, which means half the mosque will clear out, so i can jump two safs front - this feels like a game of snakes and ladders. I really dont know why people only read eight rakaats - come on guys - Ramadaan is once a year- read the full twenty you pansies!

Love. Lust. Lost. How profound! Oh Dam - break time over

Have to go to campus after this. Cursed journals can only be accessed from superbowl. Luckily the internet is faster now - The hordes of people sucking up bandwith to forward ther pointless "friendship is caring" powerpoint messages are all on mxit now. Oh No! The damn foreign students will be there watching Baseball on You tube and just being extra Loud - hope i packed my ipod. (What! its got nasheeds on it) Someones phone rings- Oh great - Candyshop is going to be playing in my head for the next two rakaats

Oh, I got an SMS. Hope its from someone important. I wish it isn't one of those Al Imdaad messages - Disaster in Tokyo - Earthquake kills three people in paddy field, send your millions to the family of these three victims - I want to check the message but the other musallees are going to think i'm logging onto mxit. Better make a dash for the Whudu Kanaa. I can drink water and check message at the same time
Wait a minute, we just read three Rakaats. That means Witr. Sweet! Akhni here i come


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Anonymous said...

By watching other people in salaah and giving comment, you salaah is waterag!